Non-traditional Data Sources – TrueSeal uses many unique data sources. ~ 50% are not used by any other KBA or multi-source report. ~ 25% are not available from any single data source aggregator such as Lexis Nexis.

Grayscale Veracity – Only TrueSeal utilizes and ties together data that is not black-and-white, ~ 80% of all the data sources.

Threads – The keystone to TrueSeal’s proprietary data is our unique approach to disparate data that competitors treat discretely, if they deal with it at all. A “person” in TrueSeal is a collection of “Threads” each tying together hard data points, or “Breadcrumbs.”

Flavors – Competitors ignore soft data points, while TrueSeal leverages these into “Flavors,” multiplying the quantity and quality of TrueSeal data.

Interpolation & Assumptions –TrueSeal’s advanced systems formulate and test assumptions as well as interpolate. No competitor does this.
Shared Data Sets – Both FPS and EWS products share the common core data set, halving the effective cost across both products.