Why does TrueSeal have the right solution?

The real “secret sauce” for TrueSeal is a unique and serendipitous combination of skills, creativity, and experience combining 15 years of first-hand observation and analysis of healthcare FW&A, and 18 years of unstructured data experience.

Breadcrumbs——factual data points. Ex: Joe lived at 123 Main St on 1/1/1994.

Flavors are soft data points.——–Ex: Joe contributed $100 to John McCain For President in 2008 (breadcrumb), therefore Joe was a Republican in 2008 (flavor.)

Threads are TrueSeal’s “people”—and connect breadcrumbs and flavors. A single individual has several threads describing their home, work, social, political, financial, and online lives.

TrueSeal products use proprietary patent-pending processes

TrueSeal’s Fraud Protection System (FPS) is an integrated system that detects fraud immediately prior to its occurrence, before care is rendered and a claim is submitted. FPS has 100% recovery rate and prevents fraud rather than Pay-and-Chase. It also provides a strong deterrence effect.

TrueSeal Early Warning System (EWS) is a standalone system that detects providers under stress and most likely to commit Fraud, Waste &Abuse, in some cases before it occurs.

TrueSeal products use proprietary patent-pending and data to prevent fraud. Both use a common data set and common base software, accelerating development and deployment. Both can be tested as a limited proof-of-concept.