70 Billion Dollars
Fraud,Waste, & Abuse
Eliminate $70 Billion Fraud

No Prevention ------Current anti-fraud systems offer virtually no mechanism for preventing fraud. The best they can offer is early detection.
Abysmal Detection Rates------Current anti-fraud systems have a detection rate estimated at 10% of fraud. Their detection rates for ...

Breadcrumbs – factual data points. Ex: Joe lived at 123 Main St on 1/1/1994. Flavors are soft data points. – Ex: Joe contributed $100 to John McCain For President in 2008 (breadcrumb), therefore Joe was ... Threads are TrueSeal’s “people,” and connect breadcrumbs and flavors..
Unique Data & Solutions

Non-traditional Data Sources – TrueSeal uses many unique data sources. ~ 50% are not used by any other KBA or multi-source report. ~ 25% are not available from any single data source aggregator such as Lexis Nexis. Grayscale Veracity – Only TrueSeal utilizes and ties together data that is not black...